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* Investment Review and Advice: Do You Have the Right Investments?

* Integrate Investments With Financial Plan
* Frequent Check-up of Investments
* Second Opinion About Your Investment Strategy
* Investments Needed for Retirement Plan
* Investment Plan or Review
* Investment Plan for Lump Sum Distribution, Including Inheritances, 401k or 403b Rollover

    If you are retired and living off of the yield from your investments then you need professional investment advice so that you can structure your portfolio to minimize risk of a crash, protect it from inflation, and integrate it with other parts of financial planning by ordering a financial plan.
For example, one financial planning strategy might be to hold stocks in a taxable account so as to get Long Term Gains tax treatment and hold bonds in an IRA, a 401k, or a 529 Plan. When funds are withdrawn from a traditional IRA there is no tax treatment of investment profits as Long Term Capital gains, instead it is treated as "ordinary income" so a traditional IRA should not be used to hold stocks or real estate.

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