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Entrepreneur Clients

Mayflower Capital can craft a financial plan for you that acts like a shock absorber during downturns and readies you to maximize the benefits and minimize the surprises and challenges of the upswings.

Client's Needs

* Investment Review and Advice: Do You Have the Right Investments?
* Integrate Investments With Financial Plan
* Frequent Check-up of Investments
* Liquidity Planning for Emergencies
* Second Opinion About Your Investment Strategy
* Investments Needed for Retirement Plan
* Investment Plan or Review
* Investment Plan for Lump Sum Distribution, Including Inheritances, 401k or 403b Rollover

    When you are working in a demanding entrepreneurial career there is no time to handle your own finances, so you need professional investment advice so that you can structure your portfolio to minimize risk of a crash, protect it from inflation, and integrate it with other parts of financial planning.
(Integrating investment advice with a financial plan requires ordering a financial plan). For example, one financial planning strategy might be to hold stocks in a taxable account so as to get Long Term Gains tax treatment and hold bonds in an IRA, a 401k, or a 529 Plan. When funds are withdrawn from a traditional IRA there is no tax treatment of investments as Long Term Capital gains, instead they are treated as "ordinary income", so a traditional IRA should not be used to hold stocks or real estate.

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