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Being Different From Other Financial Firms
Gives Clients The Advantage Needed for Success

     Independent, Creative, Contrarian Approach To Investing - This makes the vital difference in obtaining the clarity to see investment trends that others, who go with the herd, can't see. Protect yourself from bad decisions by declaring independence from the herd mentality. We give you the encouragement and insights that enable you to resist bad ideas held by the majority of  the public so that you gain the freedom to invest wisely.

    Professional, Independent Advice – Only a small percentage of all financial planners are “fee-only”, which protects you from being steered into investments with excessive fees. We do not accept commissions from brokerage firms, insurance companies or any other third party. As a fee-only firm, there are no outside influences affecting the advice given to clients. Since product sales are not a part of the company’s business model, clients receive the best level of objective, professional financial advice.

Get Control Over Your Finances – Client control over the planning choices is also important at Mayflower Capital. Services are provided by an "assets under management" program. There is a $500,000 minimum amount of assets. After discussing your needs, budget and preferences, the client and advisor will decide on the best way.

     Personalized Approach – At Mayflower Capital there are no boilerplate financial plans. Since you are unique, the services you receive will be unique. The advice and written recommendations you’ll receive are tailored specifically to you, your needs and your goals.

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